What are the current trends in social media in 2016?

What are the current trends in social media in 2016? Social media has swept everyone into this new virtual realm and it seems like everyone is enchanted. Ask any average person and they will usually use Facebook, Instagram and probably even Twitter on a regular…


The cost of running adwords in Australia

AdWords can be a highly valuable tool in any digital marketing strategy, and it may not be as expensive as you think! Here at Hype, we’re experts on the Brisbane Digital Marketing scene, so here we’ll give you a no nonsense, straight up analysis of…


5 reasons you should invest in video marketing right now!

If your brand’s success is mostly dependent on its online presence, it’s time you do what everyone else is doing: making videos! Now that social media updates, Instagram, and tweeting, are all a big part of business, creating video content seems to be considered a…


The next big tech change in business for 2016

Soon we will be living in Iron Man’s world, where everything around us will be controlled by interacting with Virtual Reality (VR). The ball is already rolling, with developments like Microsoft’s soon to be launched wearable holographic computer, HoloLens with their operating system Windows 10….


How to start a blog

Setting up a blog can be easy, however if you want it to succeed and reach it’s full potential I recommend reading this article whilst keeping your own goals in mind. To guide you on your path I have given the basic steps to start…


Web hosting simplified for small business

It’s about time someone broke down the mysterious concept of web hosting. With options ranging from bargain prices, as low as $30/year, to costs of thousands, it really is a challenge for small business owners to decide how much they should invest in web hosting….


Google Drive vs. Dropbox — What to Choose

These days, the use of cloud storage has become increasingly pervasive. This isn’t surprising in the least, considering that the aforementioned offers users a slew of benefits. Utilising cloud storage allows one to save space in all of their devices — from external hard drives…

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