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Flat video

Use a simple explainer video or flat video to create clear and concise messages that your customers can easily digest

  • We work with you to find the right key messages before we get started.
  • We analyse your target market to make sure your video speaks in a language they’ll understand.
  • We’ll use creative design techniques to give your explainer and flat videos a creative edge.

Featured Explainer Videos

This is how we make the storytelling simple and effective. Explainer or Flat videos are useful for all types of businesses. Don’t believe it? Check out these videos for our clients from varied industries.

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Top 5 Best AR(augmented reality) Headsets So Far

Grab their attention in seconds and hold their interest forever

Get your message across

Sometimes a fancy video just isn’t necessary. When you need information conveyed in a clear and simple manner, an explainer video or flat video might be just what you’re after. Basically that means there’s no elaborate graphics, overlay footage or animations, just clean, no-fuss messages.

Attention to detail

Even though you might not be creating a high-end production, we’ll still pay close attention to detail and create a video that is visually appealing. Our explainer or flat videos will always incorporate your brand colours and logo to ensure they serve the dual function of creating awareness for your business and prompting brand recognition.

Carefully crafted messages

We work out exactly what message you need to convey and the best way to communicate this so your video runs for the perfect amount of time to hold your audience’s attention, yet still give them the information they need.

Speak directly to your customers

Perhaps most importantly, we make your customers the star of the show. As part of our video development process, we always keep the end user in mind. In this way we can script videos in a way that draws your customers in and makes them feel like you’re directly speaking to their needs. Essentially, we show them why they need you, clear and simple.

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