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As a full-service digital marketing agency, we’ve got you covered for everything from website redesign, to social media, to web hosting, to pretty much anything your business needs managed in the online world.

We’re all about helping you find the best ways to market your business online

Being a one-stop-shop means we can save you the pain of dealing with multiple consultants; because honestly, that can take up just as much time as doing it yourself. Why explain your business to many specialists who work in isolation as a social media manager, web designer, app developer or video producer (and sieve through their multiple requests and invoices), when you can deal with just one business?

That business is ours.

We’ve got a nimble team of experts in Brisbane who specialise in different fields, handling all of the above plus more, and we make sure our advice and explanations are tailored to suit your level of understanding of the online marketing environment. Because we know even savvy business owners can often feel overwhelmed by the digital world.

Because we speak in a language you understand, you’ll always know exactly what we’re doing and why, and you’ll walk away feeling confident about the investment you’ve made in your brand online, knowing it’s going to help you attract and retain customers, and ultimately generate revenue.

See our list of services to find out how we can help your business.

Meet the Team

Russell Dean


Russell has experience in solutions planning and management and a proven business leader with numerous successes in growing new business, securing strategic partnership agreements and building longstanding relationships with clients. Strong skills across the media landscape with particular knowledge and expertise in the digital space.

Aleksei Chekanenko

Lead Developer

Aleksei is a highly experienced software and applications engineer with strong background in web development. For last six years, Aleksei has worked on a diverse range of software, web and mobile projects. With the focus on producing a solution that is intuitive and engaging, Aleksei always makes sure you have an enjoyable experience throughout the development stage.

Brooke Dean

Creative Director

Brooke steers the wheel of our Think Tank here at Hype. Brooke doesn’t just think outside the box but she thinks like there is no box! She’s a post-graduate of business studies and has a background of working in diverse corporations which makes her a seasoned problem solver. Her open mindedness and sharp grasping power of clients’ needs makes it easier to bridge the gap between applied creativity and pragmatic objectives.

Nisar Haq

IT Project Manager/Business Analyst

Nisar is a highly talented IT Project Manager with experience with simultaneously managing multiple, complex projects. With his experience in management and process based business solutions; Nisar has successfully implemented new procedures and processes to meet all business requirements. Nisar has thrived in roles that are both team-oriented, as well as being an individual contributor.

Dominic Hodson

AdWords Expert

Dominic is our Google certified AdWords expert. A dedicated campaign manager who comes from a marketing background, he has worked as a marketing consultant for many small and medium sized businesses in United Kingdom. His pervasive knowledge about Google advertising makes our clients feel confident about our services.

Mahmoud Alhyari

Video Producer

Mahmoud the creative artist who takes care of innovative media and video production at Hype. Mahmoud comes from IT and creative design background with expertise in video editing and story conceptualisation. Apart from being proficient with designing tools his ability to convey brand message through illustrative videos is highly appreciated by our clients.

Kavanna Trewavas

Social Media Manager

Dili Nanayakkara

Assistant Accountant/Bookkeeper

Blanca Arcayos

Junior Office Assistant

Thuy Nguyen


Thuy is responsible for all things, money and will ensure that invoices are always issued on time. Thuy comes from an accounting background and has a wealth of knowledge in her profession.

Kimberly Ann Aris

Account Manager

Kimberly's task is to produce original, creative, and intelligent content. Her job is to ensure that the content will be reader-friendly and would convey the message and/or exact information needed for the target readers/market, through means of relevant research. It is also her responsibility to ensure that the information provided is current and accurate, and must engage traffic to the website.

Gabriela Roman

Office Assistant

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