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Why emails arent going obsolete

This article was published on: 08/19/20 11:31 AM by Stephanie Hoyos

Why emails aren’t going obsolete?

With today’s innovative marketing trends in the digital landscape, the use of Artificial Intelligence, Programmatic Advertising, Chatbots, and Video Marketing have made marks in the world of digital marketing. What is surprising is that companies who use one, two, or more of these marketing platforms to communicate have realized that emails are still very much essential these days.

How are emails used today?

– Emails are ever-present in our business communication tools, sharing newsletters with customers old and new, scheduling meetings, and as simple as sending a communication to your coworkers. Not only is email a great way to communicate for you and your clients, but businesses use email every day to reach new, existing, and future customers. Who would forget email marketing? This strategy has been in use shortly after the birth of the internet. Emails are still relevant today since it is economical, flexible, and measurable, not to mention the automation tools available such as MailChimp and Constant Contact plus many others make email the most potent marketing tool for the majority of businesses. – Among all the constantly evolving digital media and advertising mediums, email has stood firm despite the faster and newer ways to communicate today. Email marketing is one of the most effective means of inbound marketing according to the Market Share Analysis & Data statistics as of 2019; email is still the prime mover of ROI.
  1. Video 5%
  2. Display Ads 14%
  3. Social Media 21%
  4. Email 59%
These are mainly due to Email Marketing strategies and email marketing software’s such as MailChimp, these two work hand in hand and are the preferred tools used by businesses for gaining and promoting their products or services. MailChimp claims over 60% share of email industry in the latest report. – Among the email marketing software providers, Mailchimp sent nearly 9 billion emails, generating $4.5 billion in orders. Supporting over 12 million users, they have a 60% share of the email industry, while its closest rival is at 9.5%. It just goes to show the power of this all in one platform; with the addition of other marketing features for Mailchimp, email continues to dominate the features of this platform.

Why email still matters in 2020

– The fact that as for Mailchimp, email is still the widely used feature in its platform goes to show that indeed, email isn’t outdated at all, but it’s always changing. These would never have been possible since not all emails are the same. Some people were doing it with a significant effort, and for brands to engage with email campaigns, much exertion to perfect it is needed to ensure it is successful in producing the intended result. To be able to do these, best practices must be followed, such as:
  1. Create Personalized email
  2. Use email automation tools and measure results
  3. Use Responsive email designs to suit the users chosen device
  4. Send relevant content
  5. Use split testing
  6. Segment your lists
– For digital marketers, email marketing is still the most efficient way to communicate, acquire, convert, and retain customers. Emails, email marketing, are here to stay; it just needs to be done better to get its full potential, and it’s exciting to see how it will continue to change and evolve. Equipped with the right tools, we can try in different ways and then figure out what works and what doesn’t work for your business. With all of these developments on emails, email marketing means customers and subscribers will spend more time with emails; indeed, they are here to stay.