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Social Media Marketing

Use a well-planned social media strategy to convert your followers into loyal customers

  • We help you increase digital word of mouth for your brand by creating engaging social media content.
  • We approach social media with a clear direction in mind so your social channels ultimately produce sales.
  • We use talented social media strategists who live and breathe social media, so you know they’re on top of the best ways to market your business in the social realm.

Case Studies

Male Manor

Male Manor increased brand engagement and conversions after building an engaged community on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and more.

  • Increased social media traffic to over 32% of total site traffic
  • Increased engaged Facebook users by 68%
  • Built engaged community of over 800 genuine Facebook Likes and increased organic impressions by 30%
  • Custom social media platform designs that reflected the brand on all channels
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Bundamba Auto Wreckers

Bundamba Auto Wreckers witnessed an acceleration in organic traffic as well as brand engagement through improved social media platforms and their new e-commerce website.

  • Increased direct traffic by 112% within the first month
  • Social media traffic increased by 27% of total site traffic
  • Increased brand engagement on all social platforms
  • Increased site engagement and monthly conversions by 24%
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Here’s how our professional social media management can benefit your business

You’ll no longer feel overwhelmed

When it comes to social media, it can be hard to know where to even start. Which platforms should you use? Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? Google+? Instagram? All of the above? And then, what do you post and when?

Like anything, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we’re experts at finding out exactly what social media channels will drive profits for your business and what kind of content you need to use within those channels. We can also help you determine what kind of social media advertising to use, when to use it, and where to place it (for instance, should your Facebook advertising appear down the side panel or should it be embedded in the news feed?).

It’ll help focus your efforts so you see results

Anyone in business knows that social media is an important part of any modern marketing strategy. But many people waste endless (and fruitless) hours on social media because they fail to understand how to utilise it to generate sales. If it’s not generating sales, why bother?

Here’s the thing; to be effective, social media requires a strategy. It requires extensive research and constant monitoring of analytics, because you need to find out who your fans are, where you can find them, how you can reach them and how you can please them. You also need to know how you can convince them to tell their friends about you as that’s a powerful aspect of social media.

Consistency will keep your customers coming back

Through a consistent program of updates, posts, connections and interactions, Hype Creations will create and grow a network of fans for your business who are continually drawn to you, and when you catch their interest, they’ll start engaging with you. When they start engaging with you, they’ll start to trust you. When they start to trust you, they’ll start to buy from you. And since they’re then so ingrained in your business and your product, they’ll keep coming back to you. That’s the beauty of social media.

You’ll be in the hands of professionals

To make sure your social media approach is consistent and fits within the broader goals of your content marketing strategy (which is an absolute must for social media to be effective), we allocate one of our skilled social media specialists to handle all of your business’s social media requirements. We can help not only with content creation, but also with social media advertising including Facebook ads, Twitter ads and LinkedIn ads that are highly targeted at to your key audience.

By using our team of professionals to handle your social media marketing, you can be confident that you’ll work with someone who is familiar with your industry, business goals and customer base, and who will take the time to clearly explain how they’re using social media to improve your business outcomes in a way you understand. Because we know that if you’re not immersed in social media every day, it can be difficult to keep up with the constantly changing social environment online—but we won’t let you fall behind.

Our sophisticated approach to social media marketing and management

We’ve got the social media management process nailed to make sure your social media platforms are securing quality leads for your business


We don’t start anything until we know who you’re marketing to, and of course, what you’re all about

Information gathering

We’ll sit down with you to work out what you want to achieve with your social media and get some quality information about who your clients are what they’re interested in.

Creating buyer personas

We create detailed ‘personas’ for your customers so whenever we create social media content, we’ve got a clear idea of who we’re marketing to, which gives your content a personalised touch.

Sizing up the competition

Of course we’ll check out what your competitors are doing so we can find ways to make your business stand out.

Keyword research

SEO also applies to social media. We work out what keywords are going to help your business get found in the noisy online world.



Like everything we do, we go in with a plan so we don’t waste your time or money

Content schedules

We put your social media content into a schedule so we can see exactly what will be posted and when to keep a perfect balance of engaging and informative posts.


We recommend using social media advertising to help drive business leads and sales, so we’ll talk to you about how we can factor ads into your overall social media strategy.


From the outset, we work out what analytics we’ll gather and when so your content can be monitored and tweaked to give you the best results.



It’s time to start posting!

Content delivery

This is when we start publishing your content on channels such as Facebook and Twitter in line with your strategy, so your posts are well-timed and relevant to your audience. By following a clear plan as we go, we maintain the fine balance between posting too much or too little.

Customer interaction

Social media is just that—it’s all about being social. So we find ways to engage with your customers to keep them interested, and respond to customer comments or queries. In this way, your audience knows they’re dealing with a connected and caring organisation (yours) that they’ll want to do business with.

Reputation management

As we go along we’ll keep constant tabs on your online reputation to make sure comments and reviews are working in your favour.



We always make sure everything we do gets you results, so we take analysis and reporting seriously throughout your whole campaign

Regular reviews

We run reports weekly to keep close tabs on how your social media efforts are performing and make adjustments as necessary to meet the KPIs laid out in your strategy.

Big picture reviews

As well as conducting regular reviews, we also take a step back every so often (around every six months) to look at the overall performance of your social media efforts over time so we know they’re actually delivering sales or generating quality leads for your business.

Integrate social media into other aspects of your digital marketing

Social media is fantastic because it can be integrated into other aspects of your digital marketing. For instance:

  • Share your blogs posts with updates on Facebook and LinkedIn

  • Let your customers login to sections of your website using their social media accounts like Twitter and Google+

  • Encourage sign-ups to your e-newsletter on Facebook

  • Promote your brand personality through visual sites like Instagram and Pinterest.

Social media benefits snapshot

  • Learn about your audience – use tools like Facebook Insights to find out who your customers are, when they’re online and what they’re looking at
  • Target effectively – once you’ve analysed your audience you can use this information to make sure you’re getting the right content to the right people (i.e. prospective customers)
  • Build community – find quality fans and build positive relationships with your customers to create trust in your brand
  • Improve your search rankings – sites like Google know their customers love social media, so they favour businesses that have a strong social media presence

Examples of Social Media Integration


Male Manor is a premier men’s retailer in Brisbane, which approached us to amplify their social media efforts in order to generate more leads and attract more sales in store. We sat down with our team to create a custom social media strategy and plan that would cause an increased rate of growth for their business.


All efforts pertaining to social media must be planned and managed effectively in order to create consistently positive outcomes and to promote this business successfully. We monitored social insights to gain a greater understanding of Male Manor’s target market, thus creating relevant and effective campaigns and through this effective campaign monitoring.

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