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Turn your website into your most powerful selling tool

  • We use design techniques and marketing strategies that vastly improve your conversion rates—meaning people are going to (repeatedly) hit the buy button on your website.
  • We help you get maximum financial leverage from social media—one of the most powerful promotional tools available.
  • We help turn your visitors into loyal customers by creating a positive online shopping experience.

Creative ideas that Perform

Instinctive Ecommerce Website Designs that upturn Goal Conversion Rate We concentrate more on Call-to-Action buttons, effortless Check-Out process and other intuitive design elements that provoke users to buy or make an enquiry.

Renovations that add value


Case Studies

We have built websites that provide users a memorable experience and turn them into returning customers. Increased Goal completions, low cost per click and decreased bounce rate are just a few proofs to justify our claim.

Male Manor

Male Manor saw a surge in average time spent on site by users and increased Pageviews as a result of attractive design and smooth content flow.

  • Site traffic increased by 108%
  • Bounce rate decreased by 72%
  • 27% increase in conversion rate
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Our Clients in Their Own Words

Satisfied clients make the best form of advertising. And we are sure a few thoughts about us from our clients will convince you of our capabilities.

Dean Hawkins




Douglas McCoy


We use a profitable e-commerce formula

Convenience is everything these days. And nothing is more convenient than being able to buy a product or service from the comfort of your lounge (or the discomfort of a bus). That’s why having e-commerce set up on your website is so important—it lets your customers access your product whenever and wherever they want. Here’s how we go about creating a seamless online shopping experience.

We design your page for success

Before creating your e-commerce page, we get to know the products you’re trying to sell and get clear direction from you about your goals. This allows us to tailor the design of your page in a way that will maximise your sales.

We prioritise functionality

Unless the e-commerce component of your website looks super schmick and operates like a well-oiled machine, you’re wasting your time and money. Because who dares enter their credit card details into a website that doesn’t look professional? Who bothers trying a second or third time when an order doesn’t load correctly into an online cart? This is an area where there are no second chances. One mistake and your customers will bail, no matter how much they like your product or service.

That’s why we make functionality a priority, so online shopping is a stress-free experience for your customers. We’ll always make your visitors feel comfortable and secure when it comes to making purchases on your website, for instance by generating prompts and email confirmations throughout the buying process so they know their purchase was made successfully and securely.

We compel your customers to return

We set you up with an e-commerce page that builds trust and has the power to convert your customers’ interest in your product and desire for convenience into a sale. Once they’ve made a purchase we can set up follow-up emails and discounts to encourage them to come back, and also gather email addresses (with consent) to create a database you can use for future news announcements, product launches and email marketing purposes.

We also encourage further shopping by showing customers related products throughout the shopping experience and calls-to-action to prompt them to buy. But don’t worry about becoming that pesky business that offers too many prompts and options—we know how to do this in a subtle way so as not to turn customers off your site altogether. There really is an art to it and we use sophisticated backend algorithms to create the perfect user experience.

Reviews and contact information

People trust other customers, so we make sure it’s easy for your visitors to post reviews about your website and products when they purchase from you online. The creation of this user-generated content dovetails into your online reputation management strategy (ORM) to make sure reviews help drive repeat and new business.

We also know that people trust businesses that have clear contact information on their website (and if they don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you). So as part of our website and e-commerce design process we absolutely make sure your customers can easily reach you so they feel there is a person (or people) behind the brand who will cater to their needs.

We create a seamless shopping experience

At Hype Creations digital marketing agency we go the extra mile to make sure your visitors feel comfortable and secure when it comes to online shopping. We make every page of your website clear and easy to understand, with no clutter or peripheral information that will distract customers from the buying process.

When we design your e-commerce pages, we integrate dynamic and intuitive shopping carts, a range of shipping options, and prompt payment confirmation receipts to give your customers a positive shopping experience. In fact, it will be so good, we know they’ll want to come back and buy again.

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