Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 03/05/2017

As a Hype Creations client, it is necessary for you to read through these Terms and Conditions before you agree to the services offered on their website: http://www.hypecreations.com Without the acceptance of and compliance to these Terms, it will be impossible for you to access and use the services provided by Hype Creations. This condition applies to all users and other members that access or use Hype Creations services. By agreeing to use Hype Creations services, you are agreeing to respect and abide to the Terms indicated below.


Once the work provided has been created, Hype Creations allows you to alter it in any form desired. Such alterations can include, but are not limited to posts, links, information storage etc. You are also capable of creating new content and information through mediums such as texts, graphics, videos, images, sound bites, and so on. Once the original material provided has been altered, Hype Creations no longer holds any responsibility or binding towards the new content on the website. You will therefore be responsible for all new content added, without exceptions.


The information used by Hype Creations, in order to meet your expectations and comply to your requests, can be taken from a variety of sources which include, but are not limited to, websites, magazines, books, social media platforms etc. Hype Creations guarantees to consistently produce material that is, to the best of their knowledge, free of plagiarism, but there is no assurance that similar ideas, information and materials may be found on the web.


Once the work produced by Hype Creations has been completed, the company reserves the right to request payment before product delivery. If the customer is unsatisfied with the final product, Hype Creations reserves the right to accept or decline any requests to alter or create new content. Hype Creations also reserves the right to add extra charges for work alterations if the original information provided by the client was not adequate or complete.

Changes to the Terms and Condition

Hype Creations is entitled to change or update the content of the Terms and Conditions indicated in this document at any given moment in time. Due to the fact that this document is subject to change, it has been made available online so that you can refer to it whenever you wish to do so.


If you have any questions regarding Hype Creations Terms and Conditions, do not hesitate to contact them at any time. Comments and feedback are encouraged.

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