Content Marketing


Is blogging the new advertising?

When social media burst on the scene, it seemed the humble blog may be on its last legs. Relatable content and a comments section seemed to pale in comparison to the constant connection and sharing ability that social media offered. However, blogs are well and…


Six easy ways to get started with content marketing right now

Have you managed to stay on top of the marketing industry’s trends? You need to ask yourself that question, and if you doubt that the answer is “yes” then you’ve got some urgent work to do. The mobile revolution and the need of a responsive…


How to create a content strategy that actually drives organic traffic

The world of digital marketing is filled with variables, but we can all agree on one fact: content is king. But content alone, without the support of an efficient content strategy, will not give you the outcome that you’re expecting. Crafting a content strategy that…


How To Get Your Readers To Market Your Content

Having an expert-level digital marketing strategy will surely put you on the path to success, but when it comes down to driving additional traffic to your website, using Google’s search results and social media advertizing, you should consider user-generated content. This type of content will…

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