The next big tech change in business for 2016

May 12 by Russell Dean

Soon we will be living in Iron Man’s world, where everything around us will be controlled by interacting with Virtual Reality (VR). The ball is already rolling, with developments like Microsoft’s soon to be launched wearable holographic computer, HoloLens with their operating system Windows 10. It is still hard to envisage what new kinds of things we will be able to achieve using this technology, but as shown in the following video, you could have a clogged pipe fixed simply by having a plumber guide you through the process with instructions that are virtually projected onto your surroundings. Microsoft HoloLens perfectly blends real world with virtual reality & lets you freely interact with it.

HoloLens and similar technologies have huge potential for those who work in fields like design and architecture, as well as in the trade, service, construction and education arenas. Long distance teaching and learning may never be the same!

Already creating massive buzz in the tech world, HoloLens is set to change the way we communicate with technology forever. But how soon? It is rumoured that Windows 10 & HoloLens will be launched somewhere towards the end of this year but Microsoft has not yet made any specific announcement. Even so, software/ app developers are eagerly waiting for the release of Software Development Kits (SDKs), so that they can start building miraculous applications which will make our lives much simpler.