Social Media Marketing


What are the current trends in social media in 2016?

What are the current trends in social media in 2016? Social media has swept everyone into this new virtual realm and it seems like everyone is enchanted. Ask any average person and they will usually use Facebook, Instagram and probably even Twitter on a regular…


Getting social media right in 2016

Gone are the days when social media was just a ‘young people’s thing’, full of inside jokes and pictures that would likely be regretted in a year’s time. Social media has taken centre stage when it comes to online marketing, and is crucial to any…


6 Ways to Improve Engagement With Social Media Content

Wondering how you can get users to stay engaged with your brand, and get the buzz going, even when you feel there’s nothing new or wow-worthy going on? These are 6 fail-safe ways of using social media content as your leverage tool in building and…


The 25 essential tools for a Social Media Manager

A successful Social Media Manager has to find and learn to use the tools that best serve his goals. These are the 25 essential tools that will help you become a high-performance Community Manager. The first 15 Indispensable Tools of a Community Manager: 1. Google…


26 Tips for Improving your social media marketing

Do you need to rethink your social media activity? Does your online marketing need improvement? I will give you tips on how to give your targeted audience a new and improved experience. If you concentrate your efforts in the right direction, positive results will soon…

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