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PPC Marketing

Get fast results with smart targeting using pay-per-click advertising

  • We can help you with all types of digital advertising, including search engine marketing, YouTube advertising, Facebook advertising, banner ads and more.
  • We help you develop a budget and plan accurately targeted campaigns that give you the best return on your investment.
  • We carefully monitor and continuously test your advertising campaigns to ensure you’re cost-effectively meeting your marketing goals.
  • Our Google AdWords experts get maximum conversion ratios and minimal dead leads.

Case Studies

Our satisfied clients who receive quality traffic through our efficient pay-per-click marketing strategies and AdWords management.

Male Manor

A/B testing, creative ad copywriting and perfect ad placement strategies helped Male Manor to achieve marketing goals with minimum budget.

  • Increased conversion rate by 9%
  • Improved Click-Through-Rate
  • 23% increase in return visits
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Bundamba Auto Wreckers

Bundamba Auto Wreckers saw an increase in their site visits and average visit duration after our website renovation and branding campaign with banner ads.

  • Increased organic traffic from branded keywords
  • High quality imagery and animated ads increased CTR by 63%
  • Increased conversion and goal completion rate by 10%
  • Increased enquiry calls through special number used on landing pages
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We use a sophisticated approach to PPC Marketing & Management to get you results


For pay-per-click advertising to be effective, a lot of thought and planning needs to go into developing eye-catching ads and finding the right places to run them online, because the internet is a big place. It also means finding the right keywords so you’re not wasting your money on words that won’t sell.

This is where we research your target audience and online channels to find the best place for your online advertising, and conduct keyword research and a competitor analysis.

We’ll also talk through your goals and budget so we’ve got a solid brief to work from and to ensure we can get you the best bang for your buck.

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Here’s where we use the information collected in Phase 1 to devise a strategy that will get a return on your online marketing dollars. Our plan of action will include the types of ads we’ll run, how often we’ll run then, and where they should be placed. We also work out what supplementary activities we can undertake to help your ads perform. This includes integrating your ads with your social media platforms and landing pages on your website.

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Campaign setup

It’s now time to set up your online advertising campaign and get those ads out there. Here we’ll also design landing pages for your website to encourage customers to engage with you (and buy from you) once they click your ads.

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Observe & optimise

We never make decisions based on a hunch. Throughout your online advertising campaign we will constantly monitor comprehensive analytic reports to make sure your ads are performing. If they’re not performing to the highest standard, we’ll make the necessary tweaks until they do. We also check that pages are loading quickly so there are no pain points for your customers.

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We know you want to see just how well your online advertising has converted traffic into real or potential customers, so we’ll provide you with weekly update reports that show how your campaign is performing in real time, then give you strategic reports every quarter to show you the big picture impact of your online advertising activities, including recommendations for future campaigns.

How we make your PPC campaign a success

We use the right keywords

Words need to be carefully chosen so they align to the language and terms your customers use to describe your product or service. For instance, they might ask a question in the search engine, and we make sure your site gives them the answer. Keywords also need to be highly relevant so you’re not fooling people into clicking your ads with empty promises, as nothing will turn them off faster. We’ll absolutely make sure that doesn’t happen to you, as we believe every click you pay for should be driving genuine business leads.

We find the right balance of information

When we create an online ad we use best-practice design principles and careful copywriting to make sure your message gets across loud and clear. This means a perfect balance of simplicity and content so your readers get the information they need without being distracted by meaningless clutter or irrelevant messages. Once they get this information, we encourage them to engage further with your business and return to your site or make a purchase.

We help you decide how much to invest

Under the wrong guidance you could end up spending thousands of dollars on poorly performing ads. At Hype Creations, we always have your best interests in mind so will find an advertising solution that will give you results without breaking the bank.

We keep analysing and improving your campaigns

We design campaigns that generate comprehensive analysis reports and have the flexibility for improvement. In this way, we can consult your analytic reports to find out what kind of ads are working best for your business and reallocate funds where necessary to ensure you’re getting the best value for money. We can also test different tactics and monitor results so we know exactly what your customers will best respond to.

We carefully target your ads

This means we hunt out the platforms your current and potential customers are using so your ad gets seen. This could be on Facebook or Twitter, or on an industry website, depending on what business you’re in.

Going the extra mile

Further to the above, we get right down to the nitty-gritty details to make sure PPC advertising is highly effective. This includes:

Carefully planning your search phrases

We help you decide whether long or short tail searches are going to perform best for you. That is, short punchy phrases that are quite common, or long, specific phrases that are less common, but highly targeted. By getting to know your business we’ll find the best solution.

Demographic targeting

The great thing about PPC advertising is that you can carefully chose who gets to see your ad. Search engines and sites like Facebook are constantly collecting demographic data about your prospective customers and we’ll use this information to make sure your ads are getting in front of right people, based on things such as their age, interests and location.

Carefully timing your ads

We analyse when your customers are online to make sure we get the timing right. If most of your customers are online between 8 -10am, that’s when your ad will run. Basically, we’ll do everything we can to get those ads seen, which means you attract genuine leads that are more likely to convert to paying customers.

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