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App Development

Your customers are mobile, so you should be too

  • Our mobile app developers make apps and websites that are seamlessly responsive across all platforms.
  • 80% of internet users use mobile devices to browse websites, social media and do online shopping, so make sure you're mobile ready.
  • We use the latest techniques in software and app development so you’ll be giving your customers the best browsing experience possible.

Brisbane’s best Mobile App Development Company

To make a world class app, we make sure that every design and development element is given attention to detail. We also follow test-to-break attitude so that your app doesn’t crash.

The age of the smart phone

Smart phones rule the world. We bet you’ve got one near you right now. So why wouldn’t you want your customers to reach your business as easily as they can reach into their pocket?

This is where an app can be useful for your business as a form of contemporary mobile marketing, and our team can build apps that suit your business and your customers.

The importance of having mobile responsive content

Next time you’re out and about, take a look around you. Is everyone engaged in deep conversation or gazing wistfully at the world around them?

Probably not.

We bet most of them are staring at their smartphone. They could be on Facebook or YouTube, or they could be looking for a business just like yours. But will they find you?

In 2015 Google announced that mobile responsive websites would rank higher in search engines. Being mobile responsive means content will automatically adjust to fit a mobile screen or tablet, making it easier to navigate with the tap of a finger.

Why is Google putting special emphasis on mobile-friendly websites? Because Google wants what consumers want—and that’s accessing information on the go.

Importance of Mobile Marketing

Computers and laptops are now being replaced by smartphones and tablets when it comes to browsing, online shopping etc. Considering the statistics, mobile marketing is still the next big thing. By exploiting this opportunity you can get closer to everyday consumers.

Offer what your customers want

It’s time to ask yourself, can prospective and current customers easily connect with your business on their smart phone or tablet? Because if they can’t, they’ll likely just find another website or app that has a better browsing experience (if they actually find you in the first place). Just like that, you’ve lost the lead and you’ve lost the sale.

But if you engage Hype Creations to develop an app for your business or improve your website design, we’ll make your website and apps user friendly on mobile devices and tablets, giving your customers the flexibility to browse your products and services anywhere, any time.

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Mobile responsiveness means greater conversion rates

Mobile websites or apps can be the first touch point between your business and a customer. So if you can make an immediate positive impression on a visitor, you’ll be more likely to convert them into a paying customer. So, don’t lose potential business leads because of a poor mobile browsing experience.

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Fast load times mean no user frustration (or subsequent lost sales)

Quick load times are essential when it comes to mobile responsive websites and apps, so we’ll design highly functional apps that won’t lose you customers purely because of poor response times. In this day and age, there’s no time to wait around for anything—and certainly not a sluggish app.

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