Plan now for the frenzy

This article was published on: 10/6/17 10:35 AM by Administrator
Christmas is that special time of year when time is short but everyone has more money to spend. To make sure that your Christmas marketing campaign is on point to take advantage of the spending frenzy that happens in the first three weeks of December you must start preparing now. You may have noticed that the Christmas themed emails are starting to trickle into your inbox and you would have definitely noticed the interesting mix of Halloween decorations and Christmas decorations in the department stores. How are you going to get your business noticed online? There are many places within your online presence you can at a bit of festive flare.

Social media

Your social media channels is probably the most obvious place to start with your Christmas marketing. Social media is a huge touch point for existing and potential customers to get to know your brand. We suggest the follow techniques to add some Christmas to your social media channels:
  • Instant gratification
The easiest way to give this is to either give away a freebie. Many businesses follow the ’12 days of Christmas” style of give aways with them selecting one winner each day for 12 days. This encourages your visitors to share your content and engage with you. Another option for instant gratification is to offer a percentage off deal or free postage leading into Christmas. The psychology of discounts is that you are creating urgency within your customer’s mind as they will be concerned about missing out on the product and missing out on saving money. Customers also respond to the idea of receiving a free gift with purchase. Although the present must actually be of value to the customer. This could also benefit you in clearing out old stock to make way for the New Year’s arrivals.
  • Get on the # train
We suggest pick a hash tag theme for each week of December to engage your followers in sharing and conversation. Big businesses that focus on decor use this type of marketing well as people start uploading pictures of their homes in the festive season to show off their purchases.
  • Say cheese!
A good old fashioned photo competition of the lead up to your customer’s Christmas in how they’re using your products and services is a great way to spread brand awareness and advertise your products in a non salesy way.


The key to email marketing being successful is a concise plan with a clear goal for the outcomes of your email marketing. Email is designed for the mobile world. Your website needs to be mobile responsive so that any offers you send out via email can be easily accessed. But a responsive website won’t mean much if you can’t get people to open the email. Email marketing must have an enticing subject line to get people to open. An easy way to ensure your email is opened is to use power words in the subject line. Your options for power words include:
  • Sales driven – hot deal, promotion, discount, savings, free shipping.
  • Timeliness – order now, limited time only, today only, last minute, open now, exclusive.
  • Holiday – good cheer, 12 deals of Christmas, season’s greetings.
  • Words of gratitude – thank you, appreciation, your support.
By including these words your click rate will increase. From there, you can use a range of content strategies that correspond with the subject to boost your sales this Christmas. Don’t forget to save yourself time and automate your email system to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity to connect with your database.


Your blog is a great place to boost awareness of your business. You can use your blog to showcase your latest product, share styling options (if relevant to your business), show what your business is doing to give back this festive season, and create a gift guide of your products and services. A blog is a great way to expand on an email or social media post to engage customers as you have the freedom to control the flow of information to your customers.

The key to being heard at Christmas

The market place is packed at Christmas. To make yourself heard you need to be authentic and unique. You can use a range of marketing techniques but success comes from perfection. Every link in the chain from the start of engaging with your customers to the delivery of your product, must be absolutely perfect as there are no second chances at Christmas time when it comes to your digital marketing. Don’t run the risk of messing up your strategy by leaving everything to the last minute. Hype Creations are ready to start working on your Christmas digital marketing today so you don’t miss out on being a part of the shopping frenzy.