5 reasons you should invest in video marketing right now!

Sep 14 by Nisar Haq

If your brand’s success is mostly dependent on its online presence, it’s time you do what everyone else is doing: making videos!

Now that social media updates, Instagram, and tweeting, are all a big part of business, creating video content seems to be considered a part of the old TV marketing era.

Appearances are deceitful in this case! The video content’s ability to go viral will get you to put blog posts on hold, in order to start improving your video producing skills.

1. YouTube gets more than one billion individual visitors / month.

If you break that number down, it accounts for 1/7 of the world’s population. This fact, along with the fact that 1 of 2 internet users will visit Youtube each month, is enough to make you see why video content is not part of the past, but the gift that keeps on giving.

Why this is relevant: Youtube has the ability to reach an audience vaster than any network has ever been able to reach. The platform is visited by US adults in the 18-34 age range, and it gives your ad the possibility to target viewers by studying their preferences while they are using the platform. So instead of investing in TV ads, a Youtube channel can get your message across better, and at just a fraction of the cost.

2. Video generated traffic will soon account for more than 65% of all internet traffic.

This percentage has increased drastically in the last couple of years, and it is expected to grow even more in the next few years. This is a huge achievement for video producers that have embraced the need of an online presence.

Why this is relevant: This type of content has been proven to be extremely successful when used for business purposes. That’s why there are more and more platforms, such as Instagram, Youtube, and Vine, which are dedicated to giving companies the possibility to reach their target audience easier, faster, and cheaper, by transforming marketing strategies into entertainment.

3. Almost ninety percent of customers use online content as a decisional factor when choosing a brand, product or service.

What type of content are the customers looking for in their decision making process? Video!

Why this is relevant: This is the era of speed and progress! You can get your message across using a 6 second vine, by using creativity and wit.

The secret of video content is finding the sweet spot between length, essence, and delivery of your message. A rule of thumb for new-age advertizing is to make your video content either useful, or entertaining with a potential of it going viral.

Although it might seem like easier and simpler is better, you have to make the users feel like your content is worth their while. Transparent self promotion is rarely a successful strategy!

4. Slow loading videos are a complete failure.

We’re back at the aspect that defines our era: need for fast information delivery. If your video doesn’t load properly, more than half of the viewers will already be gone in the first ten seconds, with insignificant chances of them trying to search for, or load, the video later.

Make sure loading time is minimal or non-existent!

Why this is relevant: If you’re not going to invest resources into making sure that your video loads fast, and that your content is optimized for the commonly used devices, you’re going to only waste time by making the video in the first place. Work on these two aspects in order to give the video the best chances of it getting a high view count.

5. Mobile device video sharing has increased with over 100% each year

Your videos have the chance to be viewed by a wide and diverse audience!

Why this is relevant: If you’re still not thinking of including SnapChat, Insta, or Vine, into your online marketing strategy, it’s time to reevaluate. Use these platforms to build an online presence for your brand, by presenting the company, what you offer, who you work with, etc. Invite potential customers into each aspect of your business, and interact with them.

If there’s something that you need to remember from this, is that people enjoy watching and sharing videos wherever they are! You will not be targeting just desktop users. Your video will be seen on the way to work, at the bus stop, while people are on vacation, and all of this will increase your chances of making sales.