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Search Engine Optimisation

Our focus is creating quality SEO content. We’ll never try to manipulate search engines through dishonest techniques that could jeopardise the long-term success of your business online

  • We do targeted keyword analyses to find out what terms people use to search for you.
  • We only use ‘white hat’ techniques – meaning search engines won’t blacklist your website because you’ve tried to cheat the system.
  • We do extensive competitor keyword tracking so you stay one step ahead.
  • We build quality links and develop quality content that meets the needs of your customers, not just the search engines.
  • We use both on and off page SEO techniques to boost your natural search ranking.

Case Studies

We can’t promise the number one spot in search results but we commit to our word of getting you in top 5 results, and we continually improve to keep you in the spotlight (just as we’ve done for our existing clients).

Male Manor

Male Manor observed a decrease in cost per acquisition in their paid campaigns because of supplementary SEO campaigns.

  • CPA decreased by 54%
  • Increased referral traffic by 23% with effective off-page optimisation
  • Organic traffic increased by 24%
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Our SEO process

When it comes to search engine optimisation, we take a measured approach to get you results.


We find out what’s going to work for you and your customers.


We do thorough keyword research so we know what search terms your prospective customers are using.


We use tools such as Google AdWords to find the right words and phrases that will help boost your presence in the search engines.

Competitor analysis

We check out what your competitors are doing so we can find ways to out-do them.


We create reports that clearly highlight which words are going to perform best for your business and use these to guide us in the implementation phase of your project.

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It all comes together with a good strategy


We work out how we can best integrate your keywords into every piece of content you produce, whether it be your website, social media posts, online ads or video transcripts.


We integrate and encourage high quality backlinks to your site that will help your business build the trust of search engines. (Linking is basically link building activity, where SEOs get high quality backlinks for your website which is an important factor in Google page ranking)


We develop content schedules that clearly show where and how your keywords will be used over time.


We work out your short and long-term marketing goals so everything we do is helping your business succeed.

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Implement & Monitor

We make things happen, now and in the future.


This is where we get down to business and strategically develop content that will help you get picked up by the search engines.


We constantly analyse the performance of the SEO tactics we’ve used to monitor your success.


If we see areas for improvement, we’ll do just that—improve. We want to see you succeed, so we’ll keep adapting our strategies and keywords to keep you ahead of your competitors.

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We show you how you’re doing


We report back to show how well you’re performing in the search engines compared to your competitors.


Our job is to find ways for you to do things better, so we’ll then make recommendations as to how we can improve your ranking and talk about how we can build these into your overall marketing plans.

Why use us when it comes to SEO?

You can trust Hype Creations to handle your search engine optimisation. Here’s why:

We only use white hat techniques

Gone are the days of trying to beat the system by drowning your text in keywords that create a poor user experience. At Hype Creations, we only use white hat techniques, meaning that we play by Google’s rules so they won’t penalise your website or social media channel and drop it down in the rankings.

We stay up-to-date with the latest SEO trends

Google and other search engines always aim to stay one step ahead of those who try to manipulate their ranking systems, so they constantly update their algorithms to keep everyone on their toes. Because of this, we always keep on top of the latest developments in SEO and organic search rankings to keep your business on top of search engine results.

We concentrate on long-term goals rather than short term results

Contemporary SEO is about much more than just peppering your content with keywords. It’s about building keywords into quality content to keep your business performing tomorrow. When you engage Hype Creations, we’ll factor SEO into your broader marketing plans so everything fits together in an efficient and integrated manner.

Overview of our SEO Campaign Achievements

Check some of our recent achievements. The following graphs are of organic traffic generated for our clients (data is pulled from Google Analytics).

Bundamba Auto Wreckers saw an increase of 148% through on-page SEO improvements as well as off page SEO activities; tripling the site's visits in just 8 months.

With consistent quality link building and content promotion strategies Male Manor saw an increase of 50% in traffic in just 6 months.

Insights from Our Digital Experts

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