What are the current trends in social media in 2016?

Oct 12 by Administrator

What are the current trends in social media in 2016?

Social media has swept everyone into this new virtual realm and it seems like everyone is enchanted. Ask any average person and they will usually use Facebook, Instagram and probably even Twitter on a regular to occasional basis. With how much social media has evolved, it’s probably hard for you to wrap your head around what’s next to come. The social media trends come and go so of course you want to stay on top.

The power of Facebook

One thing to keep in mind is that Facebook is the biggest social media of them all. This is because of how universal it is, people of all ages use a Facebook daily. Developing your Facebook page and engaging with your audience is always recommended. After all, a popular Facebook page always holds authority.

People are super into things like live-streaming and real-time nowadays. This is why things like Snapchat and Periscope have become so popular. It’s time to start now rather than later. It doesn’t have to be hard to create content to share. Like Gary Vaynerchuck has said, document everything. These new platforms can help turn your life or your business motto into a real life TV show of some sorts!

Social advertising is taking over by storm. With more and more businesses and people using this to their advantage, now is the time to implement to get the most gains. Why? Because the pricing is always cheaper at first. Once the demand for social advertising and the usage goes up, it will become more and more expensive to pay per click and actions through these platforms.

It’s quite obvious that social media is mainly used through our smart phones. Always think about mobile traffic first and foremost when it comes to social media marketing. Things like apps and responsive websites are quite essential in this aspect.