6 Ways to Improve Engagement With Social Media Content

Nov 14 by Nisar Haq

Wondering how you can get users to stay engaged with your brand, and get the buzz going, even when you feel there’s nothing new or wow-worthy going on?

These are 6 fail-safe ways of using social media content as your leverage tool in building and maintaining a solid online connection with your brand’s fan base!

#1. Ask the Right Questions

Every user has a story to tell, and if you know how to ask the right questions, you can use the people’s desire to share their opinion to your advantage! Give your audience the opportunity to be an active part of your business. People can share tips, ideas and experiences, once they’re given the chance to do so.

By asking questions you’ll not only improve online engagement, but you’ll also get first-hand info from the people you’re trying to impress and satisfy. Consider their answers a marketing research goldmine!

Even if usually you’re the provider of news, helpful information, and tips; give your audience a chance to teach you or each other something new.

Questions that encourage wittiness, humor, knowledge, or simply the questions that help create a bond between your customer base, are powerful tools as far as social media engagement goes. The feeling of being part of a community, and best of all being heard and considered, will make users feel eager for your next ideas and questions. This strategy is all about conversations that fill up the space between two major business-related events!

#2. Share Inspiring, Funny and Relatable Content

Life is stressful for many, so getting cheered-up by the right type of social media content is desired during, or at the end of, a busy day. Use every chance you get to make your audience associate your brand and online presence with a good feeling. Make them laugh, make them feel empowered, and most importantly, make them feel understood!

Engage different types of content formats in order to diversify your approach. Use soul-touching blog posts, funny inforgraphics, or awww-provoking puppy videos.

Following up with point #1, you can also thank users for chiming in with their opinion, and then express your own perspective. Show them that you’re good friend-material! For safe measure, remember that humor is a universal language.

#3. Talk From a Personal Level

A brand or a company will have a hard time being perceived as an individual by the common social media user, so do your business a favor and learn how to engage with the audience from a personal level.

Although it’s important to keep your message professional, don’t underestimate the power of a connection between like-minded people. This is a connection that’s created by sharing individual experiences. Show your audience that they’re dealing with people who have back-stories, interests, goals and hopes. As a brand representative you can use the behind-the-scenes work as content resources. Give the audience a chance to meet other employees, and get to learn their story. Tell your audience why you love what you do, and share glimpses of the past by talking about how you turned an idea into the business they know today.

#4. Use Relevant Inspirational Quotes

If you’ve done your homework and you know your fan base’s behavioral patterns, then you’re probably aware of what their overall goals and interests are. Inspirational quotes are extremely popular on all major social media networks, so don’t miss the chance of reinforcing the idea that you know the needs and desires of your audience.

If finances and saving money are among the biggest concerns of your audience, then use these quotes to inspire them to stay on track with their budget, or to always aspire for more.

The same goes for any other activity, whether it’s running, reading, or being a stay-at-home mom. These posts usually make people feel appreciated and involved within a community. These are the feelings that your social media content should be encouraging.

#5. Explore Evergreen Topics

Given the rapid pace of the content publishing needed in order to stay relevant, it’s safe to say that not everyone is going to see each of your posts. Create a publishing and re-publishing schedule for each of your evergreen topics. These are the kind of topics that everyone will want to read about at one point or another.

Just make sure that the content you’re posting is still useful and relevant to the needs of your audience. For example, FAQs and tutorials rarely go out of style.

#6. Offer Curated Content

Generating content constantly can sometimes leave you in a tight spot, where you’re running out of ideas. For those times, curated content is the ideal choice. Don’t hesitate to share the content of other creators, as long as the content promotes or adds value to your overall message. All you have to do is link the relevant source for your audience to access, and present the topic as content you believe to be useful to your audience.

This strategy also helps you create connections with other providers, thus further broadening your social media content’s reach. If your message is relevant to the content creator you’ve promoted, they’ll certainly return the favor when you have something cool to share.