How To Improve Your Social Media Platforms

This article was published on: 06/19/17 4:34 PM by Administrator
When it comes to social media, it seems that everybody wants to make their page as interesting and convincing as possible to ensure success and, as a result, attract new followers. If this sounds like something you are trying to achieve but aren’t exactly sure how to do it, know that there are many ways to make your social media platforms more appealing. In this article, we will go over some of the simplest yet most effective ways of increasing the popularity of your social media pages.

Include Interesting Image

The important thing to focus on here is the word “interesting”. While adding pictures to give your page a visual component has the ability to stimulate, attract or capture the attention of your followers, its effect can also very easily be lost on them if the images you select are boring or without purpose. Choose your images carefully and with intent. A very effective way of making your page more successful is by adding images that are comical or thought-provoking. Keep in mind that the images you post do not all have to relate directly to your business. Sometimes, including general yet highly entertaining images, such as beautiful, funny or thoughtful images can encourage followers to check-up on your page regularly.

Post Videos

People love to watch videos, and this fact is made obvious when considering the popularity of the Youtube. Posting a few videos here will give your social media platform an entertainment component and therefore increase its success. That being said, be sure to stay away from political or controversial videos to avoid offending your audience, and keep the clips short, otherwise, it is unlikely that people will invest the time needed to watch them.

Add Podcasts

Podcasts have consistently been gaining popularity in the past few years. Adding a few links to already existing podcasts that you find interesting or even creating your own channel will make your social media page more interactive. By sharing things you enjoy, you will be creating a rapport with your clients which will, as a result, attract them to you and your page.

Create Conversation Boards

Creating conversations is a great way of boosting the success of your social media page. One of the best ways of accomplishing this is by asking questions. This will give your followers the opportunity to get involved and interact with you as well as with the others on the board through responses and comments. It will also cause them to check-in on your page regularly to see how people are reacting to the feedback provided and even encourage them to share your page with friends so they can also get involved in the activity. The tips mentioned in this article are quick, simple and interactive ways for you to boost the success of your social media pages. If you want to get the most out of your online marketing, be sure to follow these steps to increase the number of followers that you have.