When virtual reality becomes business reality…

Aug 1 by Tess Horsley

Virtual Reality (VR) and its associated technologies have been an emerging hot topic for a while now (see my previous post about the Microsoft HoloLens here). However, until now, virtual reality technologies have largely belonged to the realm of video games and professional simulations. However, the tides are turning, and virtual reality is creeping into the mainstream, broad spectrum business arena – and the associated profits are more than just virtual!

The widespread availability of virtual reality (VR) headsets like the popular oculus rift has marked the beginning of a significant shift in the way VR is used. As more and more people interact with and us VR technology, more and more businesses are creating content for it. VR lets businesses unique, showcase their products or experiences in a hugely unique, innovative way, as well as sky-rocketing brand awareness and brand recall. Because VR content is so engaging and novel, branded VR content is highly valuable.

Businesses all over the globe are embracing the grand entrance of VR technology. Hotels and tour companies can now offer ‘try before you buy’ holidays – a realistic, hyper-engaging walkthrough of the actual holiday you could be on, before you’ve even paid a deposit. Architects are likely to make fast use of VR technology, offering their clients virtual tours of their un-built homes.

For some businesses, the initial investment in VR technology and content means significant savings later. For example, USA’s Six Flags theme parks are introducing VR technology to some of their older rides, then branding them as ‘brand new’ – without actually paying for any physical overhaul. Dreamworld Australia today announced a similar move, opening a virtual reality rollercoaster in September this year.

When it comes to marketing and business growth, virtual reality is a huge opportunity. How many times have you wished you could describe the benefits of your business or product, but just couldn’t quite find the right words? Or bought a product based on an advertisement, and been underwhelmed by how different it is in real life? Virtual reality lets businesses give an exact simulation of what they’re about, how they work and what they’re like – the only thing that’s missing is actual reality!

We’re betting that virtual reality is about to explode onto the marketing scene, and we’re excited about it! We’re gearing up to generate high quality, engaging VR content that puts businesses right in the middle of their customers’ lives. When it comes to marketing, nothing is more effective that making a deep, personal connection – and nothing’s more effective in doing so than a virtual reality experience!