What can onsite filming do for your business?

Jun 23 by Russell Dean

Video is one of the most effective tools around when it comes to marketing a business online, but it’s often overlooked in marketing strategies and budgets. Video offers a unique combination of entertainment, information and engagement that is difficult to capture on social media, in written pieces or using audio alone. One of the best ways for businesses to utilise video is through onsite filming (showcasing your business on its actual premises), and here’s why:

1: Clarity

How many times have you wished you could just explain your business in one picture? You know customers will love your service, but the problem is getting them through the door in the first place. That’s where onsite filming comes in. Even a short video, just a few seconds long, can offer an amazing showcase of what you’re all about. Finding the right words to describe your business is hard, and capturing everything you want to in one photo is even harder. Onsite filming is the easiest way to quickly and clearly put your company on display.

2: Personality

‘Brand personality’ is an important part of any marketing strategy. Personal connection plays a huge role in the customer decision-making process, so making your company feel approachable and friendly will go a long way to connecting directly with your audience. There’s no better way to inject a bit of personality into your marketing efforts than through video! Video allows you to show off those aspects of your business that resonate with customers on a personal level. Onsite filming will show off your real team on your real premises, creating a sense of intimacy with your audience that isn’t possible with any other medium.

3: It will compliment your SEO efforts

Content ranks higher in search engines when it’s engaging and valuable to customers, which puts video at the top of the list. Onsite filming showcases your business with clarity and authenticity, and the final video itself helps to boost your search engine rankings. Video content indicates to search engines that your business is both relevant and engaging, making your SEO efforts all the more effective.

4: It’s cost-efficient

When it comes to value for money, onsite filming is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing around. It combines the benefits of print, audio and visual marketing into one, with the added bonus of authenticity that comes from using your own, real-life resources. Throw in the fact that it’ll boost your SEO rankings and put your business in front of more potential customers, and the advantages just keep on adding up.

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