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Tap into the huge business potential of your email database by delivering well-planned, integrated email marketing campaigns straight to your customers.

  • We create appealing subject lines and headers that will entice people to open your newsletters, thus improving your conversion rates.
  • We create email content that your customers want to read.
  • We link your email templates to your website landing pages so we can better track your campaign.

Case Studies

Bundamba Auto Wreckers

We executed an email marketing campaign for Bundamba Auto Wreckers to re-market its products to previous and existing customers. We achieved a great engagement rate by creating attractive email templates and relevant content.

  • Email open rate reached 63%
  • Cost per acquisition decreased by 37%
  • Increased conversion rate by 23%

Male Manor

For Male Manor, we introduced the “Club M” concept, offering members exclusive sales, fashion tips from industry influencers. Hype’s aim was to build an email database of potential customers and turn them into registered members. We used a strong call to action approach and irresistible brand messaging strategy to get maximum results.

  • Mail open rate 81%
  • Conversion through registration 72%
  • Strengthened relationship with customers through value added information

Why email marketing can work for you

Despite the rising popularity of social media, email marketing remains a powerful tool for communicating with your customers

Maintain control

Using sites like Facebook, Instagram and Google+ can be an excellent way to market your business. However, you need to keep in mind that on social media, you don’t own the platform, you don’t own the algorithms that decide which businesses show up in news feeds, and you don’t ‘own’ your followers. Email marketing on the other hand gives you full control over your communication, allowing you to offer customers company updates, blog posts, newsletters, and discounts and promotions, while serving the dual benefit of keeping your business at the forefront of their mind.

We keep it clear and relevant

When you engage us to manage your email marketing, we’ll help you develop messages that are clear and relevant to your customers so your emails don’t get caught in the spam filter or end up in the trash. With cleverly crafted subject lines and quality content developed by our skilled copywriters, we’ll ensure you get higher email open rates and all-important conversation rates (i.e. sales). We also handle the backend processes like database management and electronic mail-outs so everything is well organised and able to be monitored through detailed analytic reports.

Our sophisticated approach to email marketing and management

Any email marketing campaign we run is carefully planned and managed to give you the best results

Campaign Study

Before we do anything, we find out who your customers are and what kind of information they’re interested in so we can tailor content to their interests


We research thoroughly to find content and promotions that will appeal to your customers.


We carefully consider how often you should send emails out, keeping in mind the delicate balance between keeping your business front-of-mind and being pesky.


We consider how we can incorporate your brand messages, logo and other design elements into your email marketing activities.

Forward plan

We ensure you have a strong channel of content to push out to your customers to keep them engaged while also building your brand story.

Next phase

Campaign Setup

We focus on setting up a campaign with a clear timeline and measurements


We piece together your campaign so emails are sent in a logical order that gives the right amount of variety and information to hold your readers’ interest.


We set up your email database analytics to make sure we capture valuable information about where and when your customers are signing up and how they’re engaging with your content.

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Template Design

We create visually appealing email templates that prioritise the user experience, making information easy to read and digest


We clearly incorporate your business logo to help develop brand recognition and awareness.


Your email template will work hand-in-hand with your overall brand design to ensure your business maintains consistency and professionalism.

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Like everything you produce online, email marketing should be optimised in a way that draws your customers in and speaks to their needs and interests


We research your audience thoroughly so we know we’re generating personalised email content that they want to read. We also set up your opt-in page so we can gather useful details about your prospective customers that help target future email campaigns.

Clean design

When it comes to email marketing, aesthetics count, so our team of professional designers will create well laid-out messages that are too good to delete.


Email marketing isn’t just about getting your content read, it’s also about making your customers want to buy, whether that’s now or in the future. So we include clear calls-to-action that give your customers somewhere to go if they want more information or if they want to make a purchase.

Next phase


Once your campaign starts to roll out, it’s time for us to work out how you can improve


Good email databases have a high number of quality subscribers, so we’re always looking at new ways to attract customers to sign up to your database.


We don’t just send emails and hope for the best. We pay close attention to your analytics to find ways to improve. This includes checking bounce rates, deletion rates and open rates to monitor what kind of content your readers are loving, and what content they don’t so we keep sending quality material that your customers look forward to.

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