Six easy ways to get started with content marketing right now

Nov 23 by Russell Dean

Have you managed to stay on top of the marketing industry’s trends? You need to ask yourself that question, and if you doubt that the answer is “yes” then you’ve got some urgent work to do.

The mobile revolution and the need of a responsive website design are both reasons why the old website formats and structures are just not going to cut it if you want your online presence to work in your advantage. The amount of info and diverse content readily available to any mobile user opens up a whole new world of opportunities that you shouldn’t miss out on. You need to give your audience the content they’re looking!

In this process, the first and most crucial factor is your website’s ability to get discovered via search engines. The need of a Search Engine Marketing strategy is obvious if users have a hard time finding you online. With Google AdWords making it easy for businesses that are willing to make financial investments, you can increase your search engine visibility for free with a few simple content marketing strategies.

1. Answer your audience’s questions

Study your audience’s behavior and learn about the challenges that they need to overcome. Study their issues, and make the solutions an integrated part of your business’s message. The users will be looking for your easy-to-follow solutions.

2. Share your knowledge

You’ve probably started a business in a field that you know and love, so use this passion to attract potential clients. Share your tips and knowledge on all social media networks, and strive to become an authority in your line of business.

3. Expand your FAQ section

Users need information fast, and they should get it without the need of personally engaging with you via email. Use each question you get from a customer in order to expand and develop your website’s FAQ section. It will come in hand to someone at one point or another.

4. Don’t avoid the competition

Give users the possibility of comparing your offer to that of your most relevant competitors. It shows that you are on top of your game, and that you care more about the satisfaction of potential clients than anything else. This practice sends a powerful message. Promoting comparisons with the competition that’s above your current level will also increase your online visibility.

5. Display prices

Hiding your prices behind the wall of a contact form will only annoy potential customers that want to know your price range immediately, without further interaction. It’s a practice that’s proven to be more beneficial than not displaying your prices, and asking the clients to contact you.

6. Invest time and effort into your content marketing strategy

This strategy can’t be created over night and there’s a slim chance that it can become successful overnight. So if you feel overwhelmed, feel free to ask professionals for help.