How To Get Your Readers To Market Your Content

Aug 25 by Kimberly Aris

Having an expert-level digital marketing strategy will surely put you on the path to success, but when it comes down to driving additional traffic to your website, using Google’s search results and social media advertizing, you should consider user-generated content. This type of content will reach your targeted audience easier because it’s created by members of that audience.

Creating a content marketing strategy that not only includes, but encourages user-generated content will allow you to expand your horizons by incorporating diversity in perspectives. This aspect of an audience-orientated digital marketing strategy will help you reach a numerous audience, while still maintaining the tone of your original idea. Here’s how you can engage your audience and get results without major financial investments!

The Relatable Factor

Promoting a brand that’s either new, or that has been around but hasn’t gotten any spotlight, can be extremely difficult. But there’s no such thing as a lost cause!

If you’re managing a Facebook page for a landscaping service, you can use the “relatable factor” to create an emotional connection with your followers. Start a contest and ask the followers to post a photo of their small gardening project, and work up from there. The prize goes to the picture that gathers most likes on-page. For a stationery and office supply store you can organize a back-to-school project, or a “show me how you organize your desk” contest!

Regardless of the brand that you’re trying to promote, a digital marketing campaign that includes aspects that are easy to relate to is guaranteed to be successful. Through this process you get to know the followers better, giving you the opportunity to create an even more successful campaign in the future!

Give Them Power

Having an active presence on all major social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) is crucial for any brand nowadays. It’s what you use this social media presence for that separates you from the others! You have to stop looking at this amazing information sharing center as just an outlet. You have to learn how to use the audience’s input and the feedback to your brand’s advantage!

If you release an announcement that has a significant impact on your business or the product/ service that you offer, and then get a massive amount of negative feedback from your audience, it’s time to set aside the text-book version of how you do business, and act on that feedback!

Giving your audience the power to influence your managerial decision is not only about satisfying the needs of your customers with pinpoint precision, but it also creates an emotional connection between your product and the customers.

User-generated Content

Driving extra traffic to your website, and getting indexed by Google, are both directly correlated to the amount of quality content that your site incorporates. Search engines prioritize content-rich websites, so allowing your users to participate in content creation is an easy way to enrich your website’s content volume.

If you want to include content crowdsourcing into a successful digital marketing strategy, stay away from overwhelming registration forms. You want to make this process as easy as you can for your followers!

Don’t Overlook the Basics

High-quality content and letting your creativity flow will give you amazing results, but it can easily all go to waste if you overlook the basics of a content marketing strategy. These are the elements that should be the skeleton of your strategy:

User-Friendly Website Design

Although you may see your brand as a masterpiece, you don’t want to overwhelm the users. Choose a website design that’s appropriate for the age group and tastes of the audience that you’re targeting.

If you want to focus all attention on items such as pictures then go easy on widgets and extravagant fonts. If you want written content to be the focal point of the page, then make sure that your categories are easy to find and surf through.

High-Quality Content

No matter what product or service you offer, content will always be the most important aspect of your online marketing strategy. This is why all content marketing strategies are based around original high-quality content. The content has to have 3 vital features: it has to be unique, it has to be shareable, and it has to be compatible with your brand’s reputation.

If your content is shareable, your audience will share it with their own followers, thus broadening your brand’s horizon. If the content that you post is always compatible with your brand’s reputation, then you will create a “repeat-customer” relationship. The users will return to your website frequently, expecting the same content quality level.

Encouraging your followers to directly engage in a conversation that has your content as the main chat topic is also important! The best way to achieve this is to ask questions at the end of each post, and allow comments to be posted. This practice will connect your audience to your brand even further!

Social Media Networks

Give every one of your posts the opportunity to go viral online! Content marketing is all about getting your thoughts across through any means available. Use social media networks as your creativity outlets. Add intriguing images to eye-catching titles in order to increase the viral-factor of your content. This practice will help you drive quality traffic to your site.

Considering the diversity of the social media platforms available, you should use all of them and adjust your approach to each one. Create Google+, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, and try to gain as many followers as possible. This will help you gain a numerous and active audience!

Reach Further

Learn the ins and outs of the social media platforms that you’re using. A good place to start is: hashtags! When sharing your posts, include relevant hashtags in order to reach audiences outside of your follower base. But don’t stop there! Make sure that you have more high-quality content coming!

Analyze the Stats

You now know that taking user feedback into consideration is a must, but it doesn’t mean that you have to stop using professional tools such as Google Analytics. This easy-to-use tool will put the numbers into perspective and help you improve your marketing strategy further!