10 Reasons Why an Explainer Video Should Complete Your Business Plan

Jun 29 by Kimberly Aris

Learn to use Google’s algorithm that determines ranks and positioning to your advantage. An important factor that is relevant to the ranking process is the amount of time that each website visitor spends on your page. This is why video content is used more than ever before. Tutorials and explainer videos are the cost-effective marketing tools of the moment. The advantages of including an explainer video in your marketing strategy are easy-to-measure. Here are 10 of the reasons why the explainer video should be part of your strategy.

1. Raise Conversion Rates

Taking into consideration that surveys say that users are more likely to purchase a product if it is accompanied by an explainer video, you can see the advantage that this marketing tool brings to your sales. Your sales can help you determine which product is the most popular, but recorded views of an explainer video can show you what product potential customers are most interested in. This way you can work on making views turn into purchases.

2. Explain the Purpose of the Product

Text-only content can reach your potential customers as easy as video content. The issue is that it is easier to misunderstand, and it will most likely need further explanations. An explainer video can highlight the purpose of the product better, and you can make sure that the client understands the benefits, and advantages, that the product has, without reading a block of content. Hearing and seeing someone explain a concept is easier to pay attention to.

3. Create Bigger Interest

Business owners have understood that social media is their main communication channel nowadays. Online sources are easier to view, share and find. Using video explainers, you can generate more interest towards your product or service.

4. Rank Better in Google Search

Websites that use only text content have a harder time reaching high ranks in Google search. Since the goal is to get more exposure and to get ranked higher, you should use video content in order to freshen-up your website. Using a compact source of information will also help customers make a decision to buy faster, without having to go through pages of content.

5. Boost Web Traffic

Although the chances of a marketing video going “viral” are slim, it has happened before, and you can achieve this as well. No one knows if luck is a decisive factor, but once a video goes viral it will bring you heaps of traffic.

6. Make it Easy to Remember

Use the power of the human tendency of spreading the word as a marketing tool. A good video message will bring benefits to your business through the people that see it. Word-of-mouth and personal recommendations are still the best ways of attracting clients. That’s why first impressions are always important. Give them something that they’ll want to share with their friends!

7. Freshen Up Your Message

PowerPoint slide shows and pie charts are old news nowadays, so it’s time to focus on creating engaging content that will capture your audience’s attention and determine viewers to become clients. An explainer video that follows an easy-to-understand script, and uses visual effects meant to create a connection between your product and the client, is a powerful tool. Explainer videos are a must if you offer a product or service that is not easy to describe using text.

8. Make It Eye-catching

A website that has flashing animations and loads of colourful and ALL CAPS written content is surely not going to have the effect that the website owner thought it would have. These approaches will only make it harder for the user to walk through your website. You can have the best of both worlds by creating an explainer video that can be vibrant and rich, but with the

9. Encourage Sharing

Video hosting websites, like YouTube and Vimeo, can help expand your network of viewers. These websites offer an immediate solution to the issue of reaching users on all devices, since they have an integrated responsive design. You can use relevant tags and keywords in order to increase the chances of your video getting viewed. Sharing is part of these video hosting websites, so your message will spread a lot faster.

10. Give it Personality

Make it easy for you and your product to be easy to relate to. Sharing your personal opinion and letting your clients see the “man” behind the concept is an easy way of creating a connection. The online world involves little contact between client and business owner, so creating this bond is beneficial.

The list of reasons for creating an explainer video for your business goes on, but the best way of testing this is creating your own and seeing the advantages yourself. Video content is the sharable content of the moment, so use it to boost your business on all the levels possible.