How disruptive marketing can revolutionise your business

May 26 by Russell Dean

The fact of the matter is this: contemporary markets are highly crowded, almost saturated even, and are becoming more and more consumer driven. Getting your message across in an environment of more and more savvy and well-informed consumers can be a challenge. However, the answer could lie in marketing techniques that shake up the market itself.

Disruptive marketing isn’t about being at the top of the market, it’s about completely leaping out from it. It requires a bit of commitment on your part to making some waves, and an acute insight into what it is your consumers are looking for. Moreover, find what your consumers are passionate about outside business, and see if you can bring that to the marketplace.

Why not let the market come to you? Don’t just preach to the market, let consumers become part of your brand. If you’ve got an opportunity for some unique content, you need some creative work done or you’re even looking for a new employee, branch out by asking what your market can do for you. Incorporating your consumers into the other side of the equation provides a really unique voice that cuts through clutter, and gives a unique and genuine perspective on your products and brand.

Another good way to start disrupting your market is to think beyond it. Got a cause that’s close to your heart? Sponsor a related event. Got a pet community project? Make your business a champion of it. By widening the scope of your business activities, you not only disrupt your market, nut you create new ones!

Finally, if you want to disrupt your current market, study it intensely. Identify where the smaller and emerging markets lie, and work out what it is exactly these outliers are looking for. Once you’ve got that information, get going with delivering them just that: exactly what they’re looking for! Disruptive marketing lets the consumer do the talking, and your product do the listening.

So, if you’re looking to make a few waves in your consumer base, or you feel like you’re in a bit of a rut, don’t be afraid to shake things up!