Why you can’t survive without reputation management

Apr 28 by Tess Horsley

These days, the world we live in is one of oversharing. A quick google search can tell you everything you want to know about a person, company or organisation. From a business perspective, this can be great – if people are saying the right things about you. Nearly everyone will check up on a company online before doing any kind of transaction with them, so what people are saying about you online is pretty important! However, once your online reputation has been tarnished, it can be difficult for it to recover.

That being said, if you take the time to properly manage your online reputation, you will definitely reap the rewards. Further, if you take a proactive approach to what’s being said about you online, you’ll be even better placed when an inevitable poor review rears its head. A lot of the time, poor reviews can pop up on sites that get a lot of traffic (like Facebook), so getting your story out there to compete with negative content is a must.

As a leading Brisbane digital marketing agency, we can’t stress enough: get ahead of the game rather than behind it. Here are our tips for effective online reputation management:

1: Stay alert

If you’re trying to manage what’s being said about you online, you need to know what actually is being said about your company online. Keep track of feedback across review sites, social media pages and in general, monitoring any shift in consumer feelings towards your brand. This can actually have multiple benefits, as it sometimes reveals a common thread in each poor review that you can address and rectify.

2: Produce quality blogs

Blogs are a great way to get your brand out there in your own words. This way, you’re telling your company’s story in your own words. Promote all the positives of your business, and be sure to provide valuable insights into your company, sector and industry.

3: Stay active on social media

Social media is a rapid-response arena, so if negative content starts appearing on your social media channels and you don’t address it quickly, a small problem could easily become a big problem. Further, if you keep your posts relevant and regular, your own positive content will be what dominates.

Getting professional assistance in online reputation management can work wonders for any business. Properly utilising your Search Engine Optimisation, user experience and social media marketing efforts can lead to a seamless customer experience, troubleshooting problems before they even arise.