10 Eye-Opening ecommerce Trends for 2015 and Beyond

Nov 17 by Russell Dean

The immense progress that technology as a whole has gone through in recent years is one of the main reasons why economic and social structures have had to become extremely adaptable and open to fast 180 degree shifts in trends and knowledge.

Although the early stages of the most well known technological breakthroughs were prolonged due to the fear of change or distrust, nowadays changes and innovations are key elements in all business fields.

Since the mid ‘80s, the technology that has communication and electronics as main focus points, has boomed and diversified at a never before seen rate.

Every single piece of communication technology that we once thought would be an everlasting success story has now been replaced by a faster, more reliable, more intricate, and more affordable alternative.

One of the key activities that have followed a trend of progress and rapid change is the way we shop. We’re no longer bound wait in line, or go through robot-voiced mobile ordering systems. The digital era has turned shopping into a less time-consuming and less nerve-racking experience.

We’re able to enjoy this type of convenient shopping experiences thanks to smartphones, tablets, e-commerce solutions and reliable and safe online shopping cart applications.

Now that we’re embracing technological revolutions and development, changes are bound to happen constantly, and at a faster than ever pace. Here are some of the key changes that you should prepare your business for in the e-commerce era:

#1.Prices will become main purchase decision influencers

Products will have less and less elements separating them from the ones offered by competitors because of the lack of physical contact. This fact will make prices the main decision factors when customers choose between products.

This is the reason why you have to start focusing your efforts upon other aspects of your business strategy.

#2.Your targeted market will be dispersed worldwide

Local distribution will become a less approachable business option because of the globalization of the commerce industry. Your ability to make your business go global will set you apart from the entrepreneurs struggling in the local economy.

Plan your development on foreign markets in order to stay ahead of this imminent change.

#3.Marketing strategies will rely on an analytics and pinpointing consumer expectations

E-commerce merchants will enhance their use of analytics and big data in order to create extremely accurate buyer personas. Online stores will customize their offers as to accurately pinpoint their customers’ needs and demands.

#4.Corporate HQ will touch base on customization as well

Due to the overflow of options and alternatives that small e-businesses offer, corporations will have to redefine their approach. Their ability to up-till-now choose their customer base will put them in a vulnerable position in the e-commerce era, so changes will occur. The best tip for this movement is to prepare yourself for more competition!

#5.Mobile-based commerce and advertizing will flourish

The rapid pace in which life unravels itself nowadays has made mobile devices turn into the main online store accessing ports. E-commerce platforms and websites in general will have to make the user experience easy, fast and error-free. Slow loading times or the web page’s inability to perform on certain devices will drive away traffic, users, and sales.

Give the responsive design of your website a once-over and make sure you’re on top of the customer demand.

#6.The video-approach will become a mainstream marketing method

Due to the lack of personal interaction between product and customer, video-advertizing will become the rule, rather than being an exception, when it comes to increasing conversion rates.

Get in tune with video production technologies and start presenting your content in a short but engaging video format.

#7.Content will reign over e-commerce design innovations

Copywriting will become more and more relevant in the e-commerce quest for increased sales. The content will have to be engaging, unique, and persuasive. Besides its ability to drive organic traffic, creative copy is also an efficient social media marketing tool, so don’t underestimate its power.

#8.The business’ social media presence will become crucial

Social networks that encourage communication and sharing will grow in popularity, eventually becoming vital parts of a business’ marketing strategy. Building an online reputation and creating an online fan base for your e-commerce business will help your business grow and stay relevant on the market.

#9.An emotional connection between the product and your customers is needed

When everyone is offering the exact same product or experience you’ll need to make your brand stand out. That’s why content that creates an emotional bond between your product and your targeted audience will help you increase sales with a minimum financial effort. Giving your product a story and an attitude allows your clients to make a purchasing decision that’s in your favor.

#10.Content that’s niche-specific will gain popularity

E-commerce merchants will discover that a customized offer, supported by niche-specific content, will put their product on the fast track to success, so this type of content will rapidly gain popularity.

All of these changes are well on their way of becoming the trends of 2015 and the years that follow. It’s best to prepare your business for the expansion of e-commerce technology, and use creativity to stay relevant on the market.