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Moo Moo The Wine Bar and Grill Brisbane is an upmarket steak restaurant in Brisbane’s renowned Eagle St Pier district. Moo Moo offers an award winning dining experience in a beautifully renovated heritage building. Following 5 successful years on the Gold Coast, founders Steven and Autumn Adams expanded into Brisbane.


Moo Moo The Wine Bar and Grill were seeking a website that not only reflected, but built upon their existing success. Our web design team created a sleek, contemporary design that championed the food Moo Moo is famous for. The initial attention grabbing power of the venue’s award winning food was then funnelled into a streamlined user experience and navigation process. An accessible and attractive Call to Action was integrated with the rest of the site, to encourage further and ongoing customer interaction.

Website Design

Video Production

Moo Moo’s needed a short, engaging video that encapsulated the unique atmosphere of the restaurant. Dining at Moo Moo’s is a one of a kind experience, and our video production team captured the magic of a Moo Moo’s meal. Onsite filming provides an exclusive insight into the Moo Moo’s world, and the video our team produced sets up a personal connection between Moo Moo’s and their audience. Our team carefully curated a video that adds to the credibility of Moo Moo’s, showcases the distinct quality of the restaurant’s space and food, and emphasises their place as one of Brisbane’s top restaurants.

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