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Male Manor

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About client

Male Manor is a retail store in Carindale, Brisbane which offers male clothing products. Male Manor products can also be bought online through their ecommerce website.


Male Manor needed a fresh website design which showcased its products in the most appealing way. They wanted to reach out to more of its demographic target market through social media and ultimately convert them into regular customers.

Website Design

Our creative design for Male Manor incorporating Ecommerce aspects of a website.

Social Media Marketing


Male Manor is a premier men’s retailer in Brisbane, which approached us to amplify their social media efforts in order to generate more leads and attract more sales in store. We sat down with our team to create a custom social media strategy and plan that would cause an increased rate of growth for their business.


Design and set up: In the social space, you are viciously fighting for the attention of any person who falls in your target market. This is why we formulated an engaging social media design tailored to the brand that is Male Manor. A common theme was used to unite the brand across a range of different social platforms. We set up all relevant platforms as well as website integration & verification processes for optimal performance.

Strategy & Planning: Each business in every industry has a unique approach to connecting with their target market. This is why we design custom plans and narrow our focus on the specific social media platforms that would deliver outstanding results. Together our social media, marketing and creative team were able to create relevant content and tailor campaigns in order to increase brand awareness and conversions.

Social Media Management: All efforts pertaining to social media must be planned and managed effectively in order to create consistently positive outcomes and to promote this business successfully. We monitored social insights to gain a greater understanding of Male Manor’s target market, thus creating relevant and effective campaigns. Through this effective campaign monitoring, we generated more leads and potential customers, as well as maximising the return on investment up to $0.33 per engagement on Facebook.


Male Manor increased brand engagement and conversions after building an engaged community on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and more.

Through social media marketing, including Facebook Advertising, Male manor was able to establish a dedicated and engaged online community that contributed to an increase in sales & brand engagement.

  • Increased social media traffic to over 32% of total site traffic
  • Increased engaged Facebook users by 68%
  • Built engaged community of over 800 genuine Facebook Likes and increased organic impressions by 30%
  • Custom social media platform designs that reflected the brand on all channels
  • Increased brand awareness and doubled Instagram followers in under a month
  • Achieved Facebook clicks and engagement for $0.33 per action

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