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Bundamba Auto Wreckers

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About client

Bundamba Auto Wreckers are an auto parts dealer based out of Brisbane.


Bundamba Auto Wreckers needed an overall online solution to increase their visibility in Brisbane and sell their auto parts. For this BAW needed a new website, a new logo and to maintain uniform brand identity across all its platforms. Limited budget restricted BAW from building an ecommerce website.

Website Design

Check our creative team’s web design work for BAW.

Logo Design

We transformed BAW’s old logo into a more striking and assertive design.

Social Media Marketing


Bundamba Auto Wreckers specialise in new & second hand auto parts, they were able to see an opportunity for growth in selling parts online. Together our web developers and marketing experts were able to come up with several online marketing strategies along with a new e-commerce site in order to grow their online sales.


Design & Set Up: We redesigned the BAW logo in order to reflect its new site and social media platforms. It is important for any business online to have visually appealing content and web design in order to attain customer attention.

Strategy & Planning: Each business has a unique approach to connecting to their target market. This is why we create custom plans and narrow our focus on the specific social media platforms that would ensure outstanding results. Together our social media, marketing and creative team were able to create relevant content and tailor campaigns to increase brand awareness and conversions.

Social Media Management: All efforts pertaining to social media must be planned and managed effectively in order to create consistently positive outcomes and to promote this business successfully. We constantly monitor social insights to gain a greater understanding of BAW target market, therefore creating relevant and effective campaigns. Through effective campaign monitoring & web optimisation we were able to increase online sales by 24% in the first month.


Bundamba Auto Wreckers witnessed an acceleration in organic traffic as well as brand engagement with social media and their new e-commerce website.

Through social media campaigns we were able to increase profits and conversions within the first month using Facebook Advertising alongside their new e-commerce site.

Leveraging the new e-commerce site, we were able to create highly targeted social media campaigns. With these we were able to drive relevant traffic to the site, increasing total conversions by 24% in the first month.

  • Increased direct traffic by 112% within the first month
  • Social media traffic increased by 27% of total site traffic
  • Increased brand engagement on all social platforms
  • Increased site engagement and monthly conversions by 24%
  • Achieved an average click through rate of $0.51 using Facebook campaigns

Video Production

Here is a glimpse of our animators’ work for BAW’s short brand video.

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