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Produce online content that suits your brand and uses proven copywriting techniques

  • We engage your customers and convert their interest into sales with a structured content strategy.
  • We integrate your copy with infographics, videos, social media content and other forms of marketing to ensure your brand is unified.
  • Our content is written by professional copywriters who know how to draw customers in and persuade them to buy.

Brand focussed content
with a personal touch

We’ll create professional, well-written content that your customers want to read

Content marketing is all about delivering valuable and relevant information to your current and prospective customers with the aim of keeping them engaged in your business and eventually leading them to buy from you. This includes generating copy (or content) for things such as social media posts, blog posts, ads, e-newsletters and video scripts.

Creating content sounds easy but it actually relies on a solid plan to be effective. This is because content marketing can often be considered a ‘soft-sell’, meaning it may not give you instant results, but rather steadily builds awareness and trust when rolled out with a clever long-term plan. Handled correctly, it’s one of the best tools you have to maintain the interest of your customer base and generate repeat sales in the long run.

We target your efforts with a clear strategy

At Hype Creations, we help you develop a solid strategy and consistent approach to content marketing that will ultimately help you secure business. You won’t waste any time or money creating scattergun content that isn’t actually converting traffic into sales, which is a trap many businesses fall into.

Our writers know the secrets to creating compelling copy that is search engine optimised

When it comes to actually writing your content, we use professional copywriters who will ensure any content you produce is written using professional and persuasive language that’s tailored to your audience so it speaks to their needs. Our copywriters also incorporate the principles of search engine optimisation (SEO) to make sure your content gets picked up by the search engines, thus ensuring more prospective customers find you online.

When going through the process of developing content for your business, our professionals will apply principles of psychology so your strategy and subsequent content schedule and copy (i.e. words) helps push potential customers along the sales funnel to ultimately convince them to buy from you.

We’ll make your social media channels perform

Professional copywriting isn’t just for websites and brochures. Your social media posts should also be written to the highest standard using search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques, backed by a strong strategy.

Don’t get caught in the trap thinking social media is more about quantity than quality. Engage our talented content strategists and copywriters who will work out exactly what you should be posting on social media and know how to write posts in a way that engages your audience.

We’ll make your ads stand out

An ad may have many words or just a few. Either way, what those words say is critical, so don’t waste money on expensive ads that haven’t been written and designed by a professional. Let our team help you find the right words that will go beyond looking pretty on a page; we’ll write words that get you sales.

We always think about the big picture

Of course, your content marketing strategy needs to fit within the framework of your entire digital marketing strategy. So we’ll factor this into your overall marketing plans and conduct a thorough analysis of your business and target audience, and create comprehensive analytic reports to guide our content creation process. In this way you’ll know the content your business generates is tailored specifically to your audience.

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