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Make the most of your email list

This article was published on: 03/31/16 1:10 PM by Tess Horsley

As we’ve said before, a strong email list is a pot of gold when it comes to Digital Marketing. When all is going well, your email list can be a powerful tool in converting interest, traffic and interactions into real sales and profits. However, if your email list isn’t generating the type of attention you want, it might be time to readdress how you use it.

1: Take time when it comes to your subject line

Before any prospective customer can see all the great content in your email, they have to actually open it. This can be a tougher barrier to conquer than it sounds. There are some common words that usually positively affect open rates, like ‘freebie’ (who doesn’t like the prospect of something free!). Terms like ‘urgent’, ‘hurry’ or ‘breaking’ establish a time pressure, and encourage your readers’ immediate attention. Most email service providers also let you personalise subject lines to include your readers’ first and/or last names, which has been shown to give open rates a solid boost. Long story short, choose your words carefully and invest a bit of time into a solid subject line.

2: Set your audience’s expectations, then meet them

You should make it clear how often you’ll be emailing, then make sure that’s how often you actually do email. It’s important not to over-extend yourself here – if you commit to a weekly update, then you need new content every week! Think about how much content you can actually generate, and workout how often you’ll be contacting your customers. Once you’ve worked that out, it’s all about sticking to that regularity.

3: Make it mobile friendly

A huge aspect of web design and web development is making sites mobile friendly, and the same applies to email. More and more people are accessing their emails through their phone, so if your emails don’t adapt to mobile devices, you’re already losing. As one of Brisbane’s leading digital marketing agencies, it couldn’t be clearer to us how important mobile optimisation is. If your readers can’t open your email on their phone, they probably won’t open it at all. Further, they’ll likely do the same with future emails.

4: Timing is everything

Get a bit experimental with timing to find what works best for you. Think about what times people are checking their emails – lunchtime, morning/ evening commutes and after dinner are popular times. However, every audience and customer base is different. Try sending campaigns at a few of these times to see which gets the best response, then use that information to establish what timing is best for future campaigns.

5: Integrate, integrate, integrate!

The best way to make email marketing work for you is to integrate it into a broader digital marketing strategy. When email marketing fits seamlessly with your social media marketing, search engine optimisation work and web design, amazing things happen. Include social share buttons in your email so your content can spread across other platforms and fit a call to action into your web design to grow your email list. We specialise in social media marketing, web design and search engine optimisation in Brisbane, and we incorporate all these aspects into effective, holistic digital marketing strategies. We can’t stress enough that when your email marketing efforts are harmonious with your broader strategy, the results speak for themselves.