How the Content of Your App Affecting the Customers’ Purchasing Decision

This article was published on: 12/28/16 10:04 AM by Russell Dean

It is undeniable that mobile apps have become more and more essential by the day. Users’ dependent on the desktop is continuously declining, where the use of mobile-based devices has skyrocketed these past years. Consequently, mobile apps provide your customers with necessary information for purchasing at their own convenience. Nonetheless, there are several elements required for your app to be useful for the users.

Simple and Fast Registration

Some apps may require the user to enter personal information before granting an access to the app. Often this is done to increase the user experience by personalising their account or to create demographic. However, users can get impatient by a complicated sign in process and bailed the app even before using it. This means that shorter registration process the better.

Attractive Design and Practicality

Consumers really appreciate the practicality and a tasteful design of a mobile app. Practicality refers to easy navigation throughout the app. Poorly design app could repulse your consumer, which would immediately delete your app. Thereby, the interface between icons, backgrounds and content must be well placed and easily understood. Not to mention, your app must be easy to download, install, and exit. The second requirement for a good app is an appealing design. This enables the customers to distinguish your from any competitor and increase their enjoyability while using your app.

Contact Information

As mobile apps serve a similar purpose as a website, your assistance should be accessible and available at any time. Customers often need technical support or query various information about your business. Ergo, providing contact detail its necessary to encourage customer’s purchasing activity. Moreover, it also incites customers’ feedback – helping the improvement of your app user experience.

Cross-media Connection

The information provided in your app might be insufficient. For this very reason, promoting your website and sharing your social media give consumer the access to more information about your business. These shared links are beneficial to increase your app legitimacy. On top of that, sharing your existing social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and many others, can encourage consumers to follow and join in your connection.

Notification Alert

Notification can prompt consumers to open your mobile apps in case there is an update. This can be a sales tool to persuade a purchase by informing the consumers of a new addition or invention in your business. For instance, you can notify mobile app users of a Christmas or holiday offer they can get for a certain period of time. In any way, it can encourage the consumer to access your app more frequently.

Security Protection

A privacy policy is obligated if your app store users’ personal information. Failure in securing users’ privacy is considered a legislation violation, which muster potential lawsuits. An app should be transparent. Users are entitled to be informed of why their data is necessary to collect.