5 Ways to Improve Your SEO in 2016

Sep 21 by Administrator

If you are familiar with web development and internet marketing, then you definitely understand the importance of search engine optimization (aka SEO). For those who are not aware of SEO, this is what helps you show up for relevant keywords that are searched on engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. SEO is an everlasting competition to the top and it can get pretty tough depending on the niche you are in and the keywords you are targeting.

You can have the best website in the world, but if your SEO is not on point or happens to be lacking compared to your competition, your site won’t be seen. If you’re wondering what you can do to help out your website’s SEO and maybe even improve your ranks, then here are the 5 ways you can do so:

Consistent Social Media Content Creation

There is honestly nothing like a constant stream of social media content generation. This is a great way to keep reminding others about your business or website as well as relate to people on a more personal level. If you don’t have decent social media in this modern day and age, you might as well be a nobody! Not only that, but getting social shares through Twitter, Facebook and more will do you wonders when it comes to getting pages indexed which will definitely help your visibility. Who knows, if something becomes even a little bit viral through social media, Google picks this up in your favour.

Videos Will Always Leave an Impression

Not only does a video entertain and engage, they are a great way to improve rank. How? This is because videos are now popping up more often and for over half of all Google searches. Videos get amazing page rank advantages when compared to text.

Can’t Do Without Mobile Optimization (Responsiveness)

More and more people are using phones and not computers anymore. Due to this fact, your website being mobile friendly is absolutely essential.

When you website is recognized as mobile friendly by Google, you get a ranking boost on any search done on mobile.

Voice Search Should NOT be Slept On

Voice searches are done more often due to it’s convenience. It’s most commonly used while people are driving. A way to help get onto the voice search better is to use long-tails, especially phrases that a person would most likely speak rather than a basic phrase or keyword.

Stronger Importance for Local SEO

Local SEO has never been so important. It’s been noted that 50% of mobile searches are to help find local results. Make sure to have location specific keywords targeted in order to pop up for local results. The benefits of local SEO are amazing and it helps personalize the entire experience for a mobile and internet user.